Make Writing a Habit

The writing application that boosts your writing.

Separate Writing From Everything Else

Let writing be the only activity you perform in the writing application. Increase your focus and writing performance, and reduce distractions by separating your creative writing from other activities.

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Achieve Your Writing Goals

Set your daily goals of words and time and start writing. WriteNext will help you make progress towards your goals.

💡Inside tip: When your goals are too ambitious, you will find it hard to make writing a daily habit. If 750 words per day are too much, just change it to 300. Create a daily writing habit first, and you will naturally write more.

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Outperform Yourself

You can't improve something you don't measure. We track your writing performance so you can always race against the best version of yourself.

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Stay Motivated

Earn achievements for reaching writing milestones like total words written, writing frequency, daily and weekly streaks, and more.

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Writing Session Insights

Every writing session you finish is a good reason to feel accomplished. You are one step closer towards a healthy writing habit, and you can see at a glance your writing insights.

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🌟 No Distractions

Stay inspired in your writing journey by eliminating distractions and listening only to your thoughts.

🔒 Private Means Encrypted

Your writings are not only secured but also encrypted. We take privacy to the next level so you can be sure that your ideas can't be stolen and deciphered by anyone else.

There is no such thing as a bad writer.

There are only untrained writers.

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