Find answers to all your questions regarding WriteNext writing application.

About WriteNext

What is WriteNext for?

We built WriteNext to help writers like you improve their writing process. We are researching and learning more and more writing techniques each day and we are integrating them in this application.

First of all, WriteNext helps you separate your writing environment/application from other actions. This way you will reduce the amount of distractions and increase focus. More details about this can be found on our blog.

Secondly, our writing app empowers you to keep track of your writing progress, set your own personal goals, guides you towards achieving your goals and keeps you engaged along the entire process.

How can I use the WriteNext?

Just hit the Write button. You will get a Writer Profile where you can do the things any writer does.

What are the daily goals and how can I customize them?

What all great writers have in common is their perceverence of writing daily. There are two daily goals: the words goals and the time goal. Both goals can be customized in your account.

The words goal represents the minimum number of words that you want to write on a daily basis. The default value is 500 words to help you get started, this is the equivalent of two book pages.

The time goal represents the time minimum time you want to allocate for writing. Consistency is key, so writing daily for an hour is more important than writing for long periods of time in just a few days.

What is the writing score?

The writing score is a quick indicator of your writing habit. There are three factors that influence the writing score and these are the same factors that help you make writing a daily habit:

  • number of words you written today
  • amount of time you have written for today
  • your current writing streak. The writing streak is the number of consecutive days in which you have written.

What does no distractions mean?

In no distractions mode, the browser goes in fullscreen mode and no other tabs are visible. Also, we hide all the other buttons so there is nothing else other than the area where you write.

What are the writing achievements and how do I earn them?

The more you write, the more achievements you unlock. You can see a full list of them with description on the achievements page.

Can I make a suggestion?

Sure, please drop us a line.

The writing process

What is writing time?

The writing time is the time you are effectively typing without making a pause longer than 10 seconds.

What is idle time?

The idle time is the pauses that you make. An idle pause is longer than 10 seconds and smaller than 3 minutes.

What is distraction time?

Pauses that is longer than 3 minutes count toward the total distraction time.

Will my writing autosave?

Yes, the writing is being saved automatically while you type.

Privacy and Ownership

Are my writings private?

Yes, your writings are private.

Who can access my writings?

Only you can access the writings.

How are my writings encrypted?

The text you write is encrypted using AES-256 before being stored on our servers. The encryption key is generated dynamically and it is not stored together with the encrypted content, thus in case of any leakage, the words that were written are safe. The writing is decrypted and shown decrypted only to the writer itself and our team doesn’t have access to see the words you’ve written.

Is my writer profile private?

Yes, your writer profile is private and no one else can see it.

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