Your Writing Facilitator

Your Writing Facilitator

2020, Apr 27  —  Diana Neculai

We’re challenging the way content is created and we’re doing so by building a platform that empowers people to become better writers. It’s a place that facilitates quality content or simply put, a Writing Facilitator.

We live in an era where we’re all publishers, we’re all writing something because we all have easy access to a publishing platform. It doesn’t matter if it’s a book, an article, a blog, an email or a personal journal. There’s a lot of content created daily and the problem we are all facing is the noise it comes with it.

In our vision, the first step to changing the content’s quality is to change the writing process. Yet, there’s no writing tool powerful enough to cope with this problem.

Writing has come a long in the last 100 years. From quills, to pens, to typing machines and now to computer keyboards. While computers allow us to speed up the entire process, writing is so much more than just typing.

We believe that there’s no such thing as a bad writer, there are only untrained writers.

Be prepared to write better and more often, to develop your own writing style and make your readers enjoy your words more. Writing is a skill that must be trained and you need a process to guide the way.

Lack of confidence, knowledge or experience might hold you back, but the key to become a better writer is to write. Our platform, Write Next, lets you type without worries and, at the same time, it will guide you and empower you to become a stronger writer. Then typing becomes writing and you’ll be ready to share it with the world.

Long story short, Write Next is a place that facilitates quality content by helping people improve their writing skills. It helps you achieve your goals, stay motivated and see your progress over time.

I’m so excited to use it myself, so please don’t mind my not so professional writing. I assure you that it will improve with time, and this first blog post is a good public marker to track my progress.

Write Next is young, but it’s growing quickly. Please show us some support in the comments bellow if you want to train your writing muscle too. Cheers!

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